Yi Jun Leow

Yi Jun first learned to solve a Rubik’s Cube in June 2009…Over the coming months and years, he became passionate in the world of speedcubing and he had broken 8 national records and was top 3 in Asia on Megaminx category. He is currently the Malaysia Book of Record Holder for “Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solved in a group”

Apart from speedcubing, he organised his first official competition in 2015 (Malaysia Cube Open 2015) which was the largest competition in the country at that point of time. As such, from being an organiser, he was then nominated as a WCA Delegate and had delegated in 23 competitions to date, and involved in some of the major competitions in Asia, including WCA Asian Championship 2020 and all the past national championship.

Currently, he serves the role of  Senior Delegate in the World Cube Association to govern the Southeast Asia region. He is also one the Founding President of Malaysia Cube Association (MYCA) and successfully make MYCA part of the regional organisation of WCA.