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Objectives: To encourage all cubers to stay at home while continue cubing (since all WCA competitions are cancelled until April 19th 2020 due to Covid-19).

This challenge will start from Monday, March 23, 2020, 12:00 AM GMT+8 until Monday, April 6, 2020, 12:00 AM GMT+8.

COC Rules:
– All WCA Regulations ( will be followed unless mentioned below.
– All contestants are required to use cstimer ( as the standardised timer tracking. The WCA Inspection time feature is required for this contest.
– Contestants who are recording his/her solves for this contest should record the whole process of the contest from scrambling to solving (no editing should be done for your recording).
– Contestants should upload his/her video before the end of the contest and share the link under the comment section of the Facebook post.
– β€œLike” Cubevent and JPearly Facebook Page to be entitled to join this challenge.
– Cubevent serves the right to forfeit your entries from the contest if there is cheating and/or dishonesty involved.

Who is allowed to enter the contest?
Everyone is welcomed! However, all contestants have to have a good understanding of the WCA Regulations and the Cubevent Online Contest Rules.

What are the prizes?
1. Top 3 winners of the Cubevent Online Challenge – RM xx worth of Voucher from
2. Lucky Draws (3 winners from the contest) – RM xx worth of Voucher from

*Winners who uploaded their video of the contest are entitled to an additional perk for their vouchers.

How to submit my results?
Follow the instruction given in Google Form!

Huge thanks to our sponsor of this contest – Jpearly Malaysia Online Speedcube Shop (

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Organise by Cubevent
Sponsored by JPearly Online Store